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We buy returned merchandise from leading retailers and let you in on the deal.  Learn more about us below.


Why buy returns and liquidations?

There are an estimated 761 billion dollars worth of products returned every year. Retailers end up selling these unchecked returns to businesses like ours. The industry is in need of individuals to resell these highly-profitable products.

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Benefit from our deep knowledge of the returns and reverse logistics industry to provide you with the best deals. Click the button below to schedule a time to view our inventory.

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PalletBosses has a partnership with rScan, disruptive technology that reduces the listing process from minutes to mere seconds! Scan, post, and manage your entire inventory within minutes!

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We leverage our corporate relationships and a sophisticated logistics network to bring each and every PalletBoss high quality returned items from national retailers at a fraction of the resale value.

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PalletBosses seek new opportunities. We offer you the opportunity to be your own boss and resell products on your own terms.

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We are committed to your success and offer a satisfaction guarantee with our 14 day return policy. We are committed to your growth!

What our clients are saying

"As an online reseller, I know the process of finding items can be very difficult. Using PalletBoss's inventory and software has helped cut that into a fraction of the time.”

Eddy Gonzalez, Experienced Reseller

"PalletBoss makes the entire process incredibly easy. It took me 10 minutes to get started selling. Because of PalletBoss I have been able to increase my online selling volume multiple times over.”

Ciera Whybrew, PalletBoss

“Truthfully, I wouldn’t have invested time into this route of online resale if I didn’t come across PalletBoss. You really can’t compete with the speed, efficiency, or accuracy this program has to offer. Most reselling programs waste either your time or money, this one wastes neither.”

Ben Poff, Expert Reseller
Frequently Asked Questions

We are always compiling best practices for setting up your own PalletBoss Business:

  • Allocate space for shelving. The most successful Bosses put up shelves on their walls or in available space for storing and sorting of inventory. The more inventory you manage, the more cash flow you will have!
  • Check the quality and open the box of each product you receive from us. If you use the software we recommend, the rest of the steps to sell the product online will automatically be taken care of for you.

We are able to procure large quantities of highly-discounted, high-quality items from national retailers like Home Depot and Target. These items arrive by the truckload and the inventory is grouped but not always listed. Our highly-skilled warehouse staff will assist you in finding the highest-quality inventory that is in high demand. We and our bleeding-edge technology will be your partner through every step of this journey!

rScan will be your partner on this journey! Each piece of your inventory will most likely arrive in it’s own box. We estimate that over 92% of your boxes will have a bar code or a model number that rScan can immediately scan and create a listing on eBay and Shopify from publicly available information. rScan deploys AI barcode scanning and recognition. Our brilliant software deploys TensorFlow AI deep learning algorithm.

rScan will immeasurably simplify this process! rScan is your all-in-one inventory and business management platform which will help you quickly list your products after scanning a product's barcode. You have a few options where to sell your inventory:

  • Ebay – rScan’s seamless integration with eBay allows you to immediately scan the item and post it to ebay. Once a customer buys your product, eBay will wire the money to your payment of choice.
  • Shopify – start your own local store. People can discover your storefront online, buy your products through an online link, or through an in-person visit using your Shopify integration.
  • Locally - If you have Shopify setup you can accept cash/credit cards through Shopify. When a user buys a product through these methods, your products will automatically be removed from your rScan inventory. rScan is very flexible!

PalletBoss purchases liquidation contracts from national retailers where we pass the savings on to you. Our high-tech foundation sets Pallets Bosses apart from the competition.

PalletBosses are thrilled with their businesses. rScan is an addictive way to scan and immediately post your inventory for sale online!

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